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Why limit yourself when you can have the whole world laid out before you? Choose Shop Desire1709 and you’ll have a swell experience buying jewellery online in Nigeria. Earrings, necklaces, rings and more are among every lady’s favourite things. With our competitively priced and painstakingly curated Nigerian jewellery, you’ll have every reason to keep coming back.

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The word ‘best’ is relative, but you don’t need to find an absolute best item for you to find the perfect accessories for you. You can have several best accessories for different times. The best accessories are those that are perfect for you at the time that you choose to wear them.

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Our range of fantastic colours, shapes, fabrics and patterns will leave you dazzled whether you’re shopping for bags, hats, jewellery or sunglasses. Our clutch purses will have you salivating and our tote bags would make the perfect accessory for nearly every occasion.

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