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What is a gift card?

A gift card or gift voucher is a card designed to be used as an alternative to cash for buying items, in this case clothes, shoes and accessories for women. It can be tough to decide what to buy for a friend, girlfriend or wife, especially when you’re not sure what she might want for her birthday, valentine, anniversary or whatever the occasion might be.

Gift cards are becoming more popular in Nigeria as with other parts of the world because they make everyone’s lives easier. With gift cards, every party wins because the giver doesn’t have to worry about what to buy and the recipient can freely choose what they want to get for themselves. At Shop Desire1709, our gift cards are flexible enough to let you buy whatever value you would like, from N10,000 to N50,000.

Where to find gift cards in Nigeria?

Shop Desire1709 offers gift cards ranging from N10,000 to N50,000. We are the perfect place to buy gift cards in Nigeria if you’re looking to surprise your friend, girlfriend or wife with a gift they’ll love. Take the stress of thinking of what to buy off your mind and go the easier but equally thoughtful route of gifting her a gift voucher.

We stock a range of fashion items that would make the perfect gift for her birthday or anniversary. Whether she loves cute bags, can’t have too many shoes or loves to add unique pieces to her wardrobe every now and again, you can bet she’ll be glad to shop on our store.

Gift card for women

At Shop Desire1709, we offer a gift card for women, ideal for any occasion. Why get her the same present you got her last year or the year before when you can give her so much more? If you’re in search of the perfect valentine gift, birthday present, or anniversary gift for your wife or girlfriend, you can do no wrong with our gift card.

Choose Shop Desire 1709 gift card for women and fulfil her every desire.

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